Welcome to Capassa, your digital CFO

Capassa is an independent financial intermediary / marketplace for small businesses, offering:

  • Advice, overview and control.
  • Aggregated information from banks, finance, accounting, pension, etc.
  • Services that are intuitive, easy and  technically integrated.

Small Businesses

Capassa will give you access to financial services through an easy and intuitive application. The application will integrate your financial services,  give you advice and support your business needs.

Based on your company’s financial performance you will receive a Capassa Index score, which indicates how your company is performing financially.

The Capassa Index is a proprietary statistical measurement, consisting of many variables from different data sources. The goal of the Capassa Index is to give a better insight into how your company is performing financially. The more data sources you have linked to Capassa, the better the validity of the Capassa Index for your company.


Exploring the Digital Future and the British market at the British Ambassador’s residence

Capassa was fortunate to be invited to discuss the digital future and how to expand into the British market by Richard Wood, the British Ambassador. The beautiful residence set the scene for great discussions with other entrepreneurs, investors, consultants and Cristian Strømmen, Director of Trade & Investment at the Department for International Trade at the …

Great event Exploring the Digital Future during Oslo Innovation Week!

Capassa’s CEO, Marit Wetterhus participated at the event Exploring the Digital Future during Oslo Innovation Week where Nikolai Astrup, Minister of Digitalisation, Chief Digital Officer, Ewan MacLeod at Nordea, Richard Wood. British Ambassador to Norway and Meryn Willetts, CMO at VipiCash participated in a panel discussion about what we should do to support digital transformation. The event was attended by …

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions will get access to a dashboard giving them:

  • Overview and control.
  • The ability to set their own financial parameters, to monitor this segment better than what they can today and thus reduce the risk involved in serving the small businesses segment.