A big thanks to our spring interns

Capassa has had the honor of having four great students from BI Norwegian Business School’s entrepreneurship program working together with us during the last month. Andreas Dimmen Sæther, Simon Norheim, Stian Kristoffer Mathisen, and Ismail Ola Kjerstad showed great attitude and understanding towards our project and contributed valuable information for us going forward.

The team worked and helped us on various amount of tasks and showed excellence in everything from mock design to sales. The Digital CFO will adapt parts from their work in the future. There will always be challenges connected to finding the right people and getting them up to date in a short amount of time. These four students managed these processes nicely and we at Capassa could recommend all four of them as entrepreneur consultants in the future.

We are looking forward to following all four of you on the journey going forward, and maybe we someday end up working together in the future. We wish you all the best!