Capassa participated in the first OECD Webinar on SME digitalization and responses to COVID-19 on June 17th

It was an honor to participate in high-level discussions on how to help SMEs with digitalization globally, states Capassa’s CEO Marit Wetterhus. Accelerating digitalisation is important to Capassa, a fintech startup devoted to helping SMEs by using new technology. COVID-19 has shown that digital SME’s are more resilient and have resisted the global shutdown better – digitalisation is more important than ever. Great discussions and input by OECD – OCDE Director Lamia Kamal-Chaoui, Minister of Small Business, Revenue, Police and Fisheries of New Zealand Mr Stuart Nash, Mr Tancrède de Lalun, Global Merchandising Director at Maison Margiela, Mr Didzis Dejus, Managing Director at Baltics 3D Ltd. in Latvia, Ms Siobhan Cummiskey, Director of Public Policy, Campaign and Programs, EMEA at Facebook and Professor Michael Luca at Harvard Business School and Ms Sandrine Kergroach, Senior Senior Economist at OECD – OCDE.

Thanks to Lamia Kamal-ChaouiMarco BianchiniBianchinion Madison Lucas at the OECD for hosting such a great event.

Capassa gets highest score on the Tiqri Delivery Maturity Index Audit!

Congratulations to the Capassa Team for getting top score on the Tiqri Delivery Maturity Index in Q1. The audit is based on improvements in the following key processes:

  • Process & organization
  • Technology
  • Quality assurance & improvements
  • Deployment routine
  • Configuration management
  • Build & continuous integration

We are excited about the score and will use this as an incentive to improve project development processes even further.

Sanath Nandasiri Thushara Manchanayake Rajith Chathunga Ameer Najath Thisara Ranasinghe Kishan Sandanayake Atheek Razick Jan.Roar Bråten Kenneth Skjervold Per MC Svarstad Ronja EK Magnus Kirkerud Aage Thorsen Marit Wetterhus

Capassa won annual award for best team!

Capassa won award for best team! We are proud to announce that Capassa won the Annual TIQRI Award for the best team in 2019. Thank you to Danushka Silva, Thushara Manchanayake, Dhara Jayasinghe, Rajith Chathunga, Sameera Dayananda, Sanath Nandasiri, Ameer Najath, Thisara Ranasinghe, Suram Siriwardena, Aage Thorsen, Magnus Kirkerud and Marit Wetterhus. Congratulations also to Sanath Nandasiri, Dhara Jayasinghe and Rajith Chathunga for being awarded Tech Gurus. The awards are very well deserved by a team that works tirelessly every day to ensure that Capassa deliver the best services to customers.

Capassa kicked-off 2020 with a week’s workshop in Sri Lanka

Another great trip to Sri Lanka last week with our development team. We are super excited to invite two new members, Ameer Najath and Thisara Ranasinghe to the team. Thank you also to Suram, Danushka, Thushara, Dhara, Rajith, Sameera and Sanath for another super week !

Sanath Nandasiri, Sameera Dayananda, Magnus Kirkerud, Marit Wetterhus, Thushara Manchanayake, Danushka Silva, Rajith Chathunga, Aage Thorsen, Thisara Ranasinghe and Ameer Najath

Capassa spoke at the OECD Headquarters in Paris about how to help SMEs and startups with digitalization and financing

It was such an honor for the CEO of Capassa, Marit Wetterhus to participate at the First Roundtable of the OECD Digital for SMEs (D4SME) Global Initiative at the OECD in Paris. Marit Wetterhus was the main speaker for the Fintech session. Thank you to OECD Secretary General Angel Gurríaa, the Minister for small Business Stuart Nash of New Zealand and Chair for the OECD Digital for SME initiative, the Minister of SMEs and Startups of Korea Young Sun Park, the Minister of State for Trade and EU Digital Single Market and Data Protection of Ireland Pat Breen, as well as Director OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities Lamia Kamal-Chaoui and her great team for a fantastic event. Thanks also to all the other participants that made the day such an incredible experience.

CEO of Capassa Marit Wetterhus and all the other participants at the First Roundtable of the OECD Digital for SMEs (D4SME) Global Initiative at the OECD Headquarters in Paris

Capassa has been invited by The OECD to participate at the First Roundtable on Digital for SMEs (D4SME) in Paris on November 29th

The First Roundtable will be chaired by the OECD Secretary General and co-chaired by the Minister of Business of New Zealand, the Minister of SMEs of Korea, and the Minister of State for Trade and EU Digital Single Market and Data Protection of Ireland.

It is a real honour to be asked to participate in such high-level discussions on how to help SMEs with digitalization globally. The focus areas, which are all very important to Capassa, are access to digital infrastructure, AI, blockchain and fintech. Capassa – Your Digital CFO is a Fintech company that aims to help SMEs make better financial choices. SMEs are important for growth globally and it is paramount that they take part in the digital transition. At the Roundtable, Capassa will join policy makers from governments and public institutions, entrepreneurs, business representatives and representatives of private sector associations across the OECD and beyond. 

Capassa at the European Banking Summit in Brussels

Capassa was honored to get the opportunity to present the Digital CFO and talk about how to finance innovative SME’s in Europe at the European Banking Summit October 3rd. The panel consisted of Kris Boschmans, Policy Analyst at the OECD Alberto Casorati, Advisor, European Investment Bank Adrià Batlle, Head of Business Design, InnoCell Armando Melone, Policy Officer, European Commission Stephen Pegge, Managing Director of Commercial Finance, UK Finance & Director, UK Business Angels Association. Daniel Bouzas was a great panel moderator. It was great to discuss how we can help innovative SMEs with their financing and changes we need to make to ensure that innovative SMEs get a better future!

Thank you to Wim Mijs Raymond FrenkenBurçak Inel MartenczukTina MaroltFrancesco Indacoat the European Banking Federation for organizing such a great event!

Capassa at Markets 4 Europe in Brussels

Capassa’s CEO, Marit Wetterhus participated in the opening panel debate with Stephane Boujnah, CEO of Euronext, the company that bought the Norwegian Stock Exchange, Martina Dalic, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Croatia and Carlos Tavares, Chairman of Banco Montepio in Portugal, discussing the need for a better way to finance SMEs. Moderated by Dr Christian Ossig, Chief Executive of the Association of German Banks and Chair of the EBF Steering Committee. The Markets4Europe campaign, launched last week, outlining 6 crucial principles for Capassa and other innovative SME’s: The report has been made by Vítor Constâncino Martina DalicEnrico Letta Viviane Reding and Peer Steinbruck. Thanks to Wim Mijs, Burçak Inel Martenczuk, Raymond Frenken, Daniel Bouzas, Tina Marolt, Francesco Indacoat the European Banking Federation.