Your digital CFO is built to make finance easy

Get better overview & control!

Always have updated financial data, KPIs and benchmark information at your fingertips. The Digital CFO helps you get overview and control of your financial information in an easy to understand manner.

We benchmark your key financial numbers monthly and compare them to the the industry average. This way you know whether you are doing better or worse than the rest of the industry.

Share financial data with your team and important stakeholders at your own discretion. The roles in your company are reflected in the app making it easy for you to share the right amount of data.

Move your board into the digital age by giving them access to the Board Module. Your board is always updated on the latest financial information and you can spend your time focussing on running the company, instead of making financial reports in Excel.

Let us motivate & challenge you to do better financially!

We take financial information one step further. We challenge you, your team and your board of directors in 3 different categories:


Using the app helps you understand what the different financial numbers mean. It also gives you easy input and advice on how you can improve financially.

Lower your company’s cost with our Marketplace

The app has a Marketplace with a wide range of suppliers with great offers for your company.

The Marketplace is a one-stop-shop for small businesses in Norway offering a wide range of products and services from many suppliers. The suppliers are all approved by Capassa before they can enter the Marketplace.

The app presents the most important numbers and makes them easy and understandable. It also gives you indicators on what you are doing good, and what’s need to be improved.

Another special feature in the app is our Marketplace. We have looked around for good value offers for small business in Norway, and have gathered all these offers into the app. Using the app gives you a first priority to their special deals and offerings.

The app can improve your financials through the challenge section. The challenge section gives you a chance to understand what your are doing well, and what’s need to be improved. There is three different sections;

  • Financial challenges
  • Personal challenges
  • Benchmark challenges

Each category have challenges with different difficulties. The benchmark challenges gives you a chance to compare your performances with other industry average.

There is some suppliers in our marketplace that takes your Capassa index score into consideration when evaluating you for their offers. The Capassa index score gives the suppliers a overview of how your company is doing as a whole.

Our benchmark category in the challenge section gives you as a company a chance to understand how you perform versus the industry average. You will not get a chance to a direct comparison versus another company.

Check out our video that gives an introduction to the app

Download Our App from the second of may!

The digital CFO is out in both the App Store and Google Play on the second of May.