Your digital CFO is built to make finance easy

Get better overview & control!

Always have updated financial data, KPIs and benchmark information at your fingertips. The Digital CFO helps you get overview and control of your financial information in an easy to understand manner.

The app is secure and gives you:

  1. Overview & Control – for you, your team & your Board of Directors.
  2. Help to remember important dates and reduce the time you need to spend on financial reporting.
  3. Access to great suppliers with excellent offers in the Marketplace.
  4. We motivate, educate, and challenge you, your team, and maybe also your board of directors by using KPIs, benchmarking, and mixing it with gamification.

We benchmark your key financial numbers monthly and compare them to the the average in your industry. This way you can track how you are doing compared to your competition.

Share financial data with your team and important stakeholders at your own discretion. The roles in your company are reflected in the app making it easy for you to share the right amount of data.

Move your board into the digital age by giving them access to the Board Module. Your board will always be updated on the latest financial information and you can spend your time focusing on running the company, instead of making financial reports in Excel/PDF.

Let us motivate & challenge you to do better financially!

We take financial information one step further. We challenge you, your team and your Board of Directors in different achievemetn categories.

Using the app helps you understand what the different financial numbers mean. It also gives you easy input and advice on how you can improve financially.

Lower your company’s cost with our Marketplace

The app has a Marketplace with a wide range of suppliers with great offers for your company.

The Marketplace is a one-stop-shop for small businesses in Norway offering a wide range of products and services from many suppliers. The suppliers are all approved by Capassa before they can enter the Marketplace. We will continue to introduce new Partners into the Marketplace.

Capassa – Your Digital CFO does not compete with your accounting system. It is there to ensure that you report the right numbers to the Government. They need overview of what is going on in your company to know how much money your company needs to pay in taxes.

Our focus is different, we help you understand your numbers from a business point of view and help and challenge you to make better financial decisions. Our Objective is to help, motivate and challenge SMEs to make more sound financial decisions to secure a better financial future.

The app will help you remember important dates, give you advices, motivate and challenge you and your team to make better financial decision. Our goal is to give your company a better financial future.

There are some suppliers in our Marketplace that will take your Capassa Index score into consideration when they make you offers in the Marketplace. The Capassa Index score evaluates the value of how well you are running your business (on a scale from 1 – 10).

Yes, you will be able to benchmark your company with the average in the industry. This shows you how you are perfoming compared to your competitors

Check out our video that gives an introduction to the app

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