Capassa’s consultants work and provide advice in Cloud solutions and IT infrastructure areas such as: network, compute, storage, backup and operational tools. Our strength is to understand customer needs and enable them to take their solutions from traditional data centers into the cloud in a secure and reliable manner. We are experienced to combine the commercial aspect with the technical  solution design and our focus is always to see the complete IT architecture combined with a security focus and strong technical infrastructure and project management knowledge.

Traditional data 

The services Capassa delivers include all phases in the life-cycle and the different parts of the data centre. Capassa can assist with:


Move of customer solutions to cloud

  • Leading customer solutions from traditional data center to cloud by moving, migrating, consolidating and / or transforming the network, servers, storage, backup, supporting services
  • Top level design and architecture
  • Best-practice advisory of design, architecture and configuration
  • Standardization of configuration, implementation and change management
  • Leading implementations – make the project plan, coordinate personnel and execute
  • On-site installation of equipment in cooperation with subcontractors
  • Verification and testing of the services

Transition into Cloud

To successfully transform customer solutions into Cloud, you need extensive insight into the customer solutions and agreements, infrastructure and security.

Consulting, Advice and Project Management

  • Best practice advisory of design, architecture, configuration and implementation
  • Audit of design, architecture and existing data centers including network, compute, storage, backup and supporting services
  • Technical test and verification
  • Network health check and analysis
  • Service requirement specification
  • Leadership or advisory in the RFQ/RFP process

Cloud Security:



Cloud computing has become the backbone of digitalization and a core requirement for sustainable innovation in a modern organization. It enables faster business transformation by allowing organizations to access and analyze data, as well as take new functionality and improved solutions into use quickly and effectively. Still, for millions of professionals worldwide, the overall understanding and knowledge around cloud technology is weak. To truly leverage the potential of cloud technology, one needs to re-evaluate everything one knows about IT. This is where we can help.

As a leading Nordic provider of digitalization and cloud solutions and working closely with world class partners and leading Nordic customers, we have the expertise to help your organization take the next step in leveraging cloud in your IT architecture.


Security needs to be built into every level of the IT infrastructure. Our consultants have worked with the largest Norwegian and Scandinavian companies for years and have a great understanding of the overall organisational security risks by applying governance with risk management across all assets. This in combination with our knowledge of access control ensures better protection of assets, staff and information; your critical business enablers.

Our services incorporate all aspects from planning and concept design, to security strategies, a full design capability and implementation support and assurance. Regardless of the project size and complexity, our aim is to provide a fully integrated end to end solution that is secure and innovative in its approach to emerging threats and technologies.

Security is important when transforming customer solutions into Cloud. Knowledge of the customer solutions, infrastructure and security is vital for a successful transition.

Our security consultants will help clients plan, design and enable a safe and secure environment for their business today, tomorrow and into the future.


Most organisations depend on information technology to conduct their business, security assurance is fundamental to what they do. Effective controls are required to mitigate risk. The business, and all its stakeholders; customers, suppliers, partners and staff, need to have confidence in the communications systems used together with evidence that shared information is appropriately protected.

However, understanding the risks and knowing what to do about them is academic unless you have real operational experience. Our consultants have been overall responsible for security for the largest companies in Norway and Scandinavia, ensuring that the security controls are fit-for-purpose, correctly implemented and remain sustainable throughout the IT lifecycle.