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We believe that both teams and individuals improve in the company of others. If you believe you can help or have any inputs, we would like to hear from you.

Would you like to be featured in our Marketplace?

Capassa’s marketplace works as a one-stop-shop for small companies in Norway. We want to find the right and most important providers for small businesses in Norway and gather all the relevant and what we mean can provide value to an SME in the App.

We want you in our marketplace if you have a unique offer for your customers or are provides a product of high quality. Being in the marketplace is a sign of quality because we only want the best for our customers. Please reach out to us if you feel like your product needs a spot in the marketplace.

Would you like to cooperate with Capassa in the Future?

Capassa is still a fairly young start-up. We’ve entered a new industry, something that results in various challenges and opportunities. We at Capassa enjoy learning and always striving to improve.

We will, therefore, love to hear from you if you think you could help us improve, or sitting on beneficial information on a related topic.

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We would love to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate with sending us an email or contact us on LinkedIn or Facebook.