Learn about the Capassa Index

The Capassa Index 

Wonder how your company is doing compared to the rest of the industry? In this article, we present the Capassa Index, a useful tool that gives you a holistic view of your company.  

Why use the Capassa Index? 

With the Capassa Index, you can gain insight into how your company compares to other firms in the same industry. We give you a score from 1 to 10, which indicates how your company is doing. We believe that this is an easy and accessible method for everyone to understand financial performance.  

How does it work? 

As the Capassa Index benchmarks firms in their respective industries, we consider various financial parameters. These financial parameters may range from information about your company to its financial numbers. To give the most accurate benchmarking, the Capassa Index is consistently updated and evolving to ensure that we always include relevant parameters.  

If you’ve already onboarded your company in Capassa, you will be able to access your Capassa Index each month. We consider a good Capassa Index to be between 7.50 and 10.00. If you are unsatisfied with your score, we are of course there to help! One of the goals of Capassa is to help motivate you so that your firm is achieving its potential. Therefore, the application will identify potential areas that you can choose to focus on.   


Our vision is that the Capassa Index will be the industry standard for evaluating small to medium sized companies. A useful tool you can use to improve your financial performance.    


The Capassa Index uses your data and publicly available data to compute scores. No data is shared with anybody else without your concent.  

Get started with Capassa today and gain deeper insight into your finances!