The link between board members and the company

Get better overview & control as a board member!

How would you like to always have secure access to updated financial information for the companies you represent as a board member?

Move your board into the digital era with The Digital CFO that revolutionizes how board members get access to financial information. You will always have access to the latest updated financial information, KPIs and benchmark data, without having to ask the busy CEO or the administration.

No more printed financial reports needed and the CEO and administration can focus on running the company.

Be a better board member with lower risk

The Digital CFO keeps you updated on financial data, KPIs and benchmark information, so you can make better decisions. It also reminds you of important dates and governmental regulations, so you are up to date. This reduces the risk of being a board member.

If you want to be updated, have overview and control as a board member, you should start using Your Digital CFO.

Your Digital CFO will:

  1. Make sure that you always have access to the most recent data from the company’s accounting system, whenever you want or need.
  2. Help you understand and interpret financial data, KPIs and benchmarking information.
  3. Help you get overview and control of the financial data without having to spend a lot of time in Excel.
  4. Compare the compan’s financial with the industry average. A great indicator of how the company is performing.

The Digital CFO works for you 24/7 so you don’t have to.

Yes, it is super easy to onboard several companies and switching between them in the app. If you need overview and control of several company’s financials, Capassa – Your Digital CFO helps you do just that.

For security reasons, only a CEO or the Chair of the Board (COB) can onboard a company into the app. The CEO or the COB can invite the board members into the app. The board members will get an email invitation with a link to follow and they onboard to the app with BankID. As a board member you will then always have updated financial information, KPIs and benchmark information right on your phone.

Contact the CEO or the COB today to make sure that you get access to The Digital CFO!

Check out our video that gives an introduction to the app

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The digital CFO is out in App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Market.