Frequently Asked Questions

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The Capassa Index is going to be the industry standard for how to evaluate small businesses. It retes your company on a scale from 0 to 10 based on a lot of different parameters, divided into 3 sections:

Section 1 – Company information

Section 2 – Financial numbers

Section 3 – Financial ratios

You can invite other users under user profiles and you need to have the right user profile.

The user profiles are Owner- full access to make all kinds of changes, User – can make some changes, but not invite other users or actions that involve signing for the company and Visitor/Board Member – have read access to data and can only change their personal user information.

You delete the accounting system you have, log out of the Digital CFO, then log back in and integrate with your new accounting system.

There are currently no Norwegian banks that open for the EU directive (PSD2) for SMB’s. The Digital CFO will integrate with banks as soon as they accept integration.

Go into menu/settings/extensions in PowerOffice, click on add Capassa – Your Digital CFO as an extension and copy the Client Key to enter in the Digital CFO for verification.

The Digital CFO will help you remember the dates from Altinn and Skatteetaten for:

  • Submitting the A-melding
  • Submitting, payment & amount of Withholding Tax
  • Submitting, payment and amount of Worker’s Compensation Tax
  • Submitting and payment of MVA
  • Submitting Shareholder Register Statement
  • Submitting the Tax return of you company

No information is shared without your consent. Find out more about sharing of data:

We have automated data collection, so the only change you can make is the contact information for your company.

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