Your Digital CFO is live!

We are proud to present the first version of Your Digital CFO 🥳. The app started as an idea three years ago and today it is a great app that can be downloaded in App Store, Google Play, and Microsoft Marketplace.

The app is secure and gives you:

  1. Overview & Control – for you, your team & your board of directors.
  2. Help to remember impotant dates and reduce the amount of time you need to spend on boring financial tasks.
  3. Access to great suppliers with excellent offers in the Marketplace.
  4. We motivate, educate, and challenge you, your team and maybe also your board of directors by using KPIs, benchmarking and mixing it with gamification.

The launch today maks a new chapter in our company’s history. We are comitted to developing the app further and are looking forward to adding new services and feattures in the time to come. Please reach out if you have any suggestions or ideas. We will do our very best to deliver services that our customers are asking for. Download the app today, and get the first month for free.