Capassa has been invited by The OECD to participate at the First Roundtable on Digital for SMEs (D4SME) in Paris on November 29th

The First Roundtable will be chaired by the OECD Secretary General and co-chaired by the Minister of Business of New Zealand, the Minister of SMEs of Korea, and the Minister of State for Trade and EU Digital Single Market and Data Protection of Ireland.

It is a real honour to be asked to participate in such high-level discussions on how to help SMEs with digitalization globally. The focus areas, which are all very important to Capassa, are access to digital infrastructure, AI, blockchain and fintech. Capassa – Your Digital CFO is a Fintech company that aims to help SMEs make better financial choices. SMEs are important for growth globally and it is paramount that they take part in the digital transition. At the Roundtable, Capassa will join policy makers from governments and public institutions, entrepreneurs, business representatives and representatives of private sector associations across the OECD and beyond. 

OECD Nov 2019