Capassa gets highest score on the Tiqri Delivery Maturity Index Audit!

Congratulations to the Capassa Team for getting top score on the Tiqri Delivery Maturity Index in Q1. The audit is based on improvements in the following key processes:

  • Process & organization
  • Technology
  • Quality assurance & improvements
  • Deployment routine
  • Configuration management
  • Build & continuous integration

We are excited about the score and will use this as an incentive to improve project development processes even further.

Sanath Nandasiri Thushara Manchanayake Rajith Chathunga Ameer Najath Thisara Ranasinghe Kishan Sandanayake Atheek Razick Jan.Roar Bråten Kenneth Skjervold Per MC Svarstad Ronja EK Magnus Kirkerud Aage Thorsen Marit Wetterhus