Capassa participated in the first OECD Webinar on SME digitalization and responses to COVID-19 on June 17th

It was an honor to participate in high-level discussions on how to help SMEs with digitalization globally, states Capassa’s CEO Marit Wetterhus. Accelerating digitalisation is important to Capassa, a fintech startup devoted to helping SMEs by using new technology. COVID-19 has shown that digital SME’s are more resilient and have resisted the global shutdown better – digitalisation is more important than ever. Great discussions and input by OECD – OCDE Director Lamia Kamal-Chaoui, Minister of Small Business, Revenue, Police and Fisheries of New Zealand Mr Stuart Nash, Mr Tancrède de Lalun, Global Merchandising Director at Maison Margiela, Mr Didzis Dejus, Managing Director at Baltics 3D Ltd. in Latvia, Ms Siobhan Cummiskey, Director of Public Policy, Campaign and Programs, EMEA at Facebook and Professor Michael Luca at Harvard Business School and Ms Sandrine Kergroach, Senior Senior Economist at OECD – OCDE.

Thanks to Lamia Kamal-ChaouiMarco BianchiniBianchinion Madison Lucas at the OECD for hosting such a great event.